Policy for downloading the Modern King James Version:

Download of the MKJV collection is only for personal use, with the understanding that there is to be no commercial distribution of it without express written consent from Christian Literature World - Sovereign Grace Publishers. If you distribute it to friends in a non-commercial manner, the distributed copies must bear the copyright notice included in the download file. (Keeping these files all together as a group, unmodified, should fulfill this latter requirement.)

To use this version of MKJV on your computer:

  1. Unzip the contents of this file into a dedicated directory/folder of your computer.
  2. Point your browser- "Open File" -to "mkjv.htm"

Download MKJV.ZIP - (1.46 Mb) - Updated: October 29, 2000

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Files for Palm Pilot and Windows CE now also available at: Olive Tree Bible Software
Courtesy of Sovereign Grace Publishers and Christian Literature World
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